So here’s the 12 in 12 update for what happened in Feburary.

  • Start & Finish at least 12 books: So far I’ve read 1…and I’m getting close to halfway throught the 3rd month. So to accomplish 12 books this year I’m going to have to pick up the pace in which I read.
  • Write at least 3 Posts per month: I dropped the blogging ball in Feburary, but I’m back on my writing grind.
  • Re-build a relationship with my Dad: We’ve been talking (and texting more lately, so I’m assuming thats a positive thing.
  • Quarterly Guy’s Night: I’ve already sent the email and picked the place for our Guy’s night so the wheels for this occassion are in motion.
  • Get a promotion: my post  on this topic next week.

Yes, I know out of the 12 goals, last month I only actively worked on 5. No excuses though. Greatness and completeness is coming, but I must remember that slow and steady wins the race.