If you’ve been on Earth then you would know that Apple released the iPad to much fan fare. I’ve been eagerly awaiting for Apple to announce their version of a tablet. I’ve been waiting on this tablet because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get a straight e-reader or this new iPad. Now that Apple has made the announcement I’m still undecided on which one I want. I really have to focus on what my focus is: reading books or doing a variety of things like surfing the net and reading books.
I really like the nook and kindle. This year one of my 12 in 12 has been to read 12 books in 12 months (and hopefully more next year) so reading is becoming increasingly important to me. The price of the nook/kindle is much less when compared to the iPad. However they don’t do nearly as much. But is that what I want?

Do I always want to be connected to the net?

Do I always want to have apps and Internet capabilities distracting me from the main point of why I even bought the additional tech device…which is reading?

But do I want to be limited to only reading or do I want a device that can do it all?

I think those are the questions that many people are going to be asking themseleves. What do I want my device to do for me? That’s what people are really asking themseleves. I can see both devices being used in my day to day life. When I sit at home I usually find myself surfing the web on my iPod Touch (which I’m actually using to write this post). So having a larger version of the iPod would not be a bad thing. However since it is a large version of the iPod, the iPad will surf the same way and there are some sites (like flash /multimedia heavy sites) that don’t do well on the iPod so therefor wouldn’t do well on the iPad. I wonder if Apple will roll out some more tricks to the iPad before it’s release in a few months. In the next few weeks I’ll be further examining the iPad vs. Kindle debate. Until next time, stay in tech.