Why would I do that?There is a new trend going on within Facebook & Twitter called formspring.me. Formspring is a site where people can ask questions anonymously and then the answers are public and posted to either the person’s Twitter or Facebook page. I do not understand what is the big deal with Formspring. To me its along the same lines as the honest box on Facebook. I feel the same way about Formspring that I did about the honest box, its a stupid waste of time that fills up my news feed. Sure a question every now and then is interesting but not when it fills my entire news feed. Think about it, if I can only see 25 status updates on any given network and 14 of them are Formspring questions and answers then that’s 56% of my feed. I don’t want over half of my news feed taken up by things that I really don’t care about.

I’m sure some of the questions and answers are possibly interesting, maybe a few of them are thought provoking, but in most cases they are not. In most cases its lame attempts of dudes asking out females, or females trying to get to know why dudes aren’t with them anymore. If I wanted to know the answers to these questions I would’ve asked them myself. I don’t like the questions are asked anonymously. Even if the President gets asked a question, he at least know who asked it. With this Formspring, you have no idea who asked the question, or the tone when they asked.

Formspring equates to the current fascination with people longing to be famous. People want to be interviewed by Oprah, or Letterman, or some talk show and made to feel important. That’s where I think the fascination comes from, but c’mon people! We all know that not everyone can be famous, not everyone can sit next to Oprah underneath the soft lights. Someone has to be in audience. Someone has to be watching it on tv. Not everyone can be famous. One day, hopefully soon, people will tire of watching normal people on tv and they will actually want to see people with talent doing things that they cannot. I enjoy watching dance competitions because its people with talent. I enjoy watching cooking shows because that’s another thing I can’t do. I’m tired of seeing shows like Big Brother. Why am I watching you sitting in a house? If I wanted to do that I would put a mirror in front of my couch.

So I may get asked, “well Brandon, isn’t Formspring just an off shoot of Twitter?” People just random saying their thoughts to anyone to who will listen. Its similar, yes, but a different animal. The difference to me between Formspring and Twitter to me is that with Twitter you are signing up to listen to my thoughts and no one is asking me a single question, I’m choosing to talk about what I chose to talk about. People who follow me on Twitter is choosing to listen to my thoughts and if they chose to ask me something at least I know who asked. With Formspring, I’m being forced into looking at your questions becasue its forced into my timeline. I don’t want to not follow you just becasue I see the answers to your questions, but I just don’t want every question and answer posted in my timeline. So formspring, get it together…and people if you’re using formspring.me please make your answers interesting!  Let’s not be like Snooki…